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Resources   For Professionals 

The following is a list of local and not so local professional development opportunities for educators and outdoor enthusiasts interested in learning more about forest school programs, nature programs, outdoor education and outdoor learning.


Workshops and Profession Development

Bonnie Davison, a passionate advocate for nature-based education, founded VNS over 10 years ago. In an effort to share her experiences and learnings, she has developed workshops including "Nature School 101", "Taking Literacy Outside - Yes You Can!", and "Risky Play - Where to Draw the Line". In addition to workshops on nature-based learning, she also has developed the "Singing English" educational series. You can learn more about Bonnie and contact her via her website

Coyote Guide - Wilderness Awareness School

Based out of Washington State this school provides many varied wilderness programs. From 9 months long to weekend courses there are many options for adults interested in outdoor learning and education.


Child and Nature Alliance of Canada – Forest and Nature School Practitioner Course

“This course is an intensive, self-directed professional learning opportunity for educators and early childhood educators who want to start up their own Forest and Nature School programs in their places of work. The course takes most educators, 8-12 months to complete, and educators must commit to completing all course content in order to become a certified ‘Forest and Nature School Practitioner'. Please see their website for more details.”


Fresh Air Learning

North Vancouver Forest School Program offers many professional development opportunities. Please see their website for more information.

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