6-7 Year Old Program            9:30am-2:00 pm       $150/month 

Mondays (Fox Den)

7-8 Year Old Program           9:30am-2:00pm        $150/month

Wednesday *NEW!

3-5 Year Old Program            9:00am-3:00pm       $675/month  Mon./Wed./Fridays

3-5 Year Old Program           9:00am-3:00pm       $450/month 

Tuesday/Thursdays *NEW!


3-5 Year Old Program            9:00pm-11:30am     $190/month



Classroom supplies Fee: $10. 

This is due along with Sept tuition on or before June 1st to secure registration space. This is a one time fee for new families only.

How to register for our fall 2021 programs:



Date:           Saturday, February 6th

Time:           11:00am (not drop in; starts at 11am)

Location:   We are hosting our info session via zoom this year. Please email: to get the link!

* Update Aug.9th -there are a few spots available in our Tuesday/Thursday morning class for those who identify as girls.

There are also spots available for all in our Wednesday program! If interested, please email Anna:



If after attending the information session you feel the VNS is a good fit for your child and family, please register on:  


Date:                          Saturday, Feb.20th

Time:                         10:00-11:00am 

Victoria Nature School will be hosting our Registration online, Via Ballot entry for the 2021/2022 Registration intake. 


New Covid Registration Plan:

Please email for the ballot link.


All Ballots received up to and BEFORE 11am on Saturday February 20 will be entered into the lottery style draw. All families will be notified with an offer of a spot or their placement on any waitlist(s).

Any ballots or interest in our programs received after this date will be added to any remaining open spots or waitlists in order of interest.

We do our registration based on a lottery system.


Our intake process/priority to fill spots is as follows:

1. Returning children 
2. Siblings of past or current families who have attended VNS
3. Families who have attended the information session *
4. Families who have not attended the information session 

5. If there are more children and families than spots we create a waitlist that is kept for the current operating year only (it does not get carried forward to the following year and does not mean you’re automatically getting a spot the following year) 


To make payments easy, VNS now uses a pre-authorized debit system called Rotessa. Once your registration is confirmed, please sign up with Rotessa by filling out the form below so we can automatically debit your account. To learn more about Rotessa, visit their website. We will no longer be able to accept cheques or email transfers.