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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here they are! The questions you've all been dying to ask! Please email us if you have more that you think should be added to the list!


How do they go to the bathroom in the forest?

​Admit it! You've been wanting to ask! Fortunately we spend most of our mornings in close proximity to the public washrooms at Mt Douglas Park. If there are times when we are away from the washrooms, we will help our students privately pee in the woods (drip dry). If a child needs to poo we will help them if need be! The teachers are prepared for everything!


What does my child need to bring?

Every child will be expected to carry their own backpack. Once they have arrived at the site they can take it off until they are picked up or if they are staying for the whole day, they will wear their back packs to the bus stop and then as well as they walk to Gordon Head Rec Centre. (5-10 min walk).

In their back pack, which should be clearly labeled on the outside, there should be the following: a water bottle, a healthy snack, lunch  and an afternoon snack, depending if they are staying for a half day or full day, an extra set of clothes in a waterproof bag, warm hat, and mittens, and rain pants (if they aren't already wearing them). Every child should wear appropriate foot wear. Often this will mean rain boots or in colder weather, winter boots. 


Is my child going to get dirty?



Is there a great chance of my child getting injured?

​Your child may incur minor such as bruises, cuts, and scrapes but the chances of major injuries are low.  Teachers are trained to assess and manage situations so that all activities are low risk to children. There is a risk of them being exposed to poisonous plants but students will be educated on keeping plants and berries out of their mouths.  The area that we will be using the most will be assess for tree hazards by Saanich Parks. The site will be checked daily before programming begins for other hazards such as garbage and dog doo doo that may have been left by other park visitors. Our educators are trained in first-aid, CPR, and emergency procedures. The ambulance is just up the road from Mt. Doug.

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