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About Us

The Victoria Nature School Society is a non-profit, community-based organization committed to inspiring a love of child-led play and exploration in nature.  This progressive organization began as Victoria's first forest school in September 2013 and offers the following:


  • Preschool Programs (3-5-year-olds)

  • Teacher-Training Workshops (Preschool, K-Grade 6)

  • Forest Camps

  • Resources for Teachers & Parents


VNS' vision is to be a leader in forward-thinking, child-led, nature-based programming. Through modeling and teacher training VNS prepares children and educators to be inquisitive, happy students of life-long learning, with a passion for taking care of their natural environment.



To inspire educational communities to embrace child-led play and exploration in nature.



VNS aims to be a model of collaboration, sharing passions and talents with other educators looking to create new systems of education.


VNS is committed to providing forward-thinking early childhood and teacher-training programs, designed using current research to inspire and challenge learning through child-led play and exploration in nature.



VNS' philosophy is rooted in the forest school model and is based on the belief that bringing children into nature helps them learn in a self-guided manner, and enables them to flourish as creative and innovative learners, responsible adventurers, and playful, collaborative thinkers.



The Victoria Nature School programs practice a child-led, inquiry-based philosophy creating an environment where play, exploration, music and movement, and creative self-expression emerge to create a happy and vibrant learning community. It is within this foundation that developmentally-appropriate early literacy and numeracy skills will be explored. Children will also experience daily practice of mindfulness and gratitude through activities such as 'thank-yous' before snacks, reflections, meditation, and yoga.

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