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Update: Only 2 spots for girls left in our Tuesday/Thursday afternoon program


Email Anna if you are interested!



If you are a K-Grade 3 teacher who would like to see what it's like having children outside all day, please join us! To inquire for a spot, email Bonnie . (2 spots available)



WHEN: Friday, January 20th


TIME: 9am-3pm


WHY: What better way for your child to spend their day!

(Schools are closed as it is a professional development day for teachers)


AGES: 5-7


FEE: $40


WHERE: Drop off is at Mt Douglas Park Beach: Lower parking lot by

                  the picnic tables before the path to the beach.


Offered by: The Outdoor Learning Association (OLA)


Facilitators: Bonnie Davison, President of OLA; Founder of VNS; Teacher

                         Anna St. Denis, Director of VNS; ECE


ACTIVITIES: Activities throughout the day will be chosen by the group of students. Possibilities: Creating                            with clay at the beach, forts, hikes, tree climbing, exploring, playing, singing, etc.



Students attending must arrive with the following (Rain or shine):

back pack (Preferably one that hooks in the front; Children must be able to carry their own back pack.)

rain pants

rain jacket

closed toed shoes (Rain books if there is rain in the forecast)

water bottle

healthy snack and lunch

extra pants and shirt and socks in zip lock or water proof bag

warm clothes (hat, mittens, warm socks)  

*If children arrive unprepared, they won't be able to stay


Questions?  Email Bonnie



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