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2019-09-24 PM Bonnie

Bonnie Davison, B.Ed, B.Mus, B.Mt

-Education Consultant

-Forest School Practitioner

-Founder, Victoria Nature School

-President, Outdoor Learning Assoc.

-Founder, Singing English Education

-Permaculture Design Certification (PDC)

-PDC Teacher Trainer


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The world is changing. The rules are changing. Education needs to change.


For the past 15 years, Bonnie has been passionately using music to help children create a strong foundation for learning to read and write, first as a music therapist and then as a classroom and learning resource teacher.  Bonnie has trained hundreds of early childhood educators and K-Gr.1 classroom teachers across Canada to use music and movement to prepare children to learn to read and write, as the founder of Singing English Education.


How did the Victoria Nature School Society happen?


Bonnie was fortunate to be part of the first group of educators in Canada trained as Forest School Practitioners in 2013, through Forest School Canada. It was perfect timing as she was trying to find a preschool for her children that spent a lot of time outside and decided to start the Victoria Nature School.  The experience of being a mother of young children solidified further her passions and commitment to finding a way to put her ideas into action.  Creating the Victoria Nature School Society/Outdoor Learning Association and a community of collaboration focusing on shifting the current education system, alines with Bonnie's passions and values perfectly!


Over the past 7 years, Bonnie has enjoyed training hundreds of educators across Canada on how to get students learning outside with workshops focusing on creating nature connections, creating risk management plans, the importance of risky play, taking literacy outside, and how to incorporate nature as part of classroom routines.

If you have a questions about the Victoria Nature Programs, please email our director, Anna St. Denis!

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